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Renovating a residential or commercial property is incomplete without reliable, leading-edge electrical installation and premium wiring. Due to the inherent vulnerabilities of working with electrical systems, renewing electrics is not the job that you can undertake. Electrical renovations often require the services of experienced and trained electricians.

Whether you are looking for electrical renovations in your kitchen, bathroom or a business place, our team of highly competent and qualified electricians will discuss your electrical requirements and work for you to design a fully functional electrical system that goes well with the architectural parameters of your place.

During a renovation, you can encounter various electrical needs- from installing lighting fixtures, circuits to rewiring the entire room. Our proficient and experienced electricians can reduce the stress and unforeseen problems by showing up on time to carry out the renovation project with care and skill.

In short, when it comes to electrical installations and renovations, our electricians at Chris’ Electric in Edmonton makes sure to provide you with innovative and neoteric solutions, including guaranteed products that are energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Here are some of the electrical services that we intend to help you with while carrying out the job only once you finalize the designs and layout of the project-

1) Additional Outlets-

With time, the requirements of people change, and they may demand extra outlets. Home renovations are the perfect time to add extra outlets that could serve the purpose for-

  • plugging computers and peripherals
  • television and videogames
  • appliances in the kitchen
  • connecting devices in outdoor spaces

2) Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters-

GFCI outlets can turn the electricity off whenever the current rises in the circuits or the plug-ins come in direct contact with water. In worst-case scenarios, electrical systems without GFCI can prove to be fatal or can cause blazes and short-circuiting due to high voltage. These safety devices are standard in moisture-prone areas such as kitchen and bathroom to protect your family or others from electrical damages.

3) Power Upgrades-

Your house or workplace may have old panels that have worn out and need an instant replacement because of frequent fuses. They cannot be modified since the limited space on old boards do not allow the addition of new circuits. However, the newly designed devices and appliances demand more energy to work efficiently, and these panels cannot serve the purpose. Therefore, power upgrades can solve the problem.

4) Rewiring the Room-

Electrical renovations are the perfect time to replace the old wiring with the new and reliable connections that can support all the appliances by providing potential power. Otherwise, the worn-out wires will keep on tripping the circuit breakers, causing fuses and burnouts.

No matter what kind of electrical set up you wish to incorporate in your house or business area, our professional electricians will never fail to provide you with top results.

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