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Potlights and Light Fixtures

Potlights and Light Fixtures Installation Edmonton

There are tons of lighting options that can satisfy your needs both in terms of aesthetics and function. Whether it is a task or under-counter lighting in the kitchen or accent lighting in the living room, the right kind of potlights and light fixtures can create a whole new ambience in your complete home. However, the real struggle comes with the installation process.

Placing a light fixture is no small task. It requires working with electricity, which can be hazardous. Despite the risk involved, several homeowners try to tackle these projects on their own. Some get successful with their hit and trials, and many others end up wondering what made them initiate the project without having the proper knowledge.

Installing or replacing potlights and light fixtures do seem simple but because of so much complexity involved, it is better to have well-trained and qualified electricians on board. Your expert technicians at Chris’ Electric can do the job correctly and quickly according to local codes, regardless of what type of light fixtures you choose for your residence in Edmonton.

With our team, you can enjoy your new fixtures in no time. We can give you an instant transformation for your rooms and add value with our latest recessed lighting designs. We can help you pick the right kind of potlights suiting your lifestyle and property based on these factors –

  • Ceiling space. To have your light installation executed flawlessly, it is essential to assess the level of the cavity above the ceiling where the potlights and light fixtures are supposed to reside. Not all recessed lights are alike. So, in the case of a limited cavity, you need to opt for the lights that have a shallow housing and can fit comfortably and give you beautiful glare.
  • Slope of the ceiling. A slanted slope of the room can look grand, but it rules out most of the types of potlight choices. However, if the ceiling in your residence is slanted, you have to install a potlight that is designed to accommodate the particular angle of your ceiling. By picking a smart design, you can end up with your space looking great.
  • Type of insulation used. The “pot” of the potlights can get quite hot if it has been in use for a long time. So, you have to determine whether or not the insulation in your ceiling is in direct contact with the pot upon its installation. If it is, then you have to search for the IC rated fixtures that can prevent the chance of hot light, setting the insulation on fire.

Experts at Chris’ Electric can also work with flush-mount, pendant, chandelier, and fan/light combinations for residential and commercial electrical applications. And, save you money on your utility bills with the best and most energy-efficient options available in the city. So, make us a part of your lighting goals by setting up an easy appointment at 780-818-0519.

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