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Panel Changes and Service Upgrades

Keep Safe With Panel Changes and Service Upgrades!

Whether it is your home or business, the electric panel is the heart of the electrical system. But have you ever wondered why it is so important? It is so because electric panel light up your place and put all the electronic devices to work. It is the main source that disseminates current to different circuits. Therefore, if it breaks or fails, it is extremely crucial to get it repaired or replaced on time. Remember, ignoring panel and potential risks attached to it can lead to the destruction of the entire organization.

Improperly installed and poorly maintained panel can be the most dangerous thing as it can lead to electrocution or electrical fire. Your appliances may fail if the breaker does not trip on the right time, and most often such a situation arises when the panel is old.

However, without the help of a skilled electrician, you cannot ascertain the proper functioning of the electric panel. Only an experienced electrical contractor can identify the real problem and can give appropriate suggestions. And when the team of Chris’ Electric is there to resolve all your issues related to the electric panel, you need not worry. Our electricians will access the whole situation at your place and will make the most educated decision to ensure energy efficiency at your place.

Signs your panel needs to be replaced

In case your panel is too old, and you have not replaced it for years, then most probably it is not capable of handling all your energy needs. In such a scenario, we highly recommend panel replacement. Additional signs that indicate you need panel replacement are –

  • Flickering light
  • Frequent breaker tripping
  • Overheating appliances
  • You live in an older home
  • While touching light switches or outlets, you get an electric shock
  • You notice black spots on the breaker box

Not reacting to the problems of the electric panel can put you in trouble. Your ignorant nature can turn your entire property into ashes because of an electrical fire. So, make sure to not to overlook any of the above-given signs and contact the most trusted electricians at Chris’ Electric immediately.

Service Upgrades –

Old house with no improvements have services that do not abide by the code of today’s modern world. In the 21st century, residential and commercial properties need energy more than ever before. Today we have air conditioners, heaters, refrigerators, televisions, automatic controls, process machinery, computer systems and lighting at our place, without which life cannot be imagined. And to meet the heat and a/c needs of these latest appliances, service upgrade is crucial.

Contact our electric panel experts now!

Bring your risk of appliance failure and electrical fire down by hiring our well-trained, licensed and insured electricians. We feel pride in rendering best panel changes and service upgrade solutions to our clients in Edmonton and nearby areas. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your building is safe and meet today’s electrical needs.

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