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Garage Electrical

Workshops and garages require thorough planning of electrical fixtures and lighting to create an efficient workplace. However, garages that were built earlier are hard-pressed to keep up with today’s electrical demands. The old wiring of electrical systems asks for upgrading or repair. In contrast, a garage of a recent build can also show signs of poor lighting, inadequate wiring, tripping of circuit breakers and many such issues that demand expert help. This is why we are here to solve all your electrical problems, whether your garage is old or new.

Several things can go wrong when you are working in your garage; the serious ones can be daunting and lead to electrical damages. Here are some electrical problems that can arise at any time.

  • Faulty circuits- Faulty circuits installed in the garage tend to withdraw more current than they can safely provide, which leads to fuses and trips in circuit breakers.
  • Light flickers and wane- The lights may go dim when you hop on the power appliances in your garage. This happens because many motor-driven devices draw a large amount of current and must be wired on dedicated circuits.
  • Heated switches- Upon plugging and using various outlets and switches, the surface of switches heat up. It often turns black from a switch terminal or a plate. This happens because the circuit is not capable of supporting high voltage devices.

You may experience various other problems too that can cause frequent shutdowns and short-circuiting. This usually happens because your garage wiring system is not resolute to handle appliances that draw more power or the wiring is not installed adequately to carry out electrical processes. We will be glad to inform you that our highly experienced electricians at Chris’ Electric can help you by upgrading your garage’s electrical systems to ensure that the circuits are not withdrawing more current than its potential.

Improving Your Garage-Electric

The garage is the most versatile part of your house often used for storage, workshop mechanics and carrying out hobbies. Make sure it is sufficiently lighted and safe enough to work with various tools since there could be overloading and power failures. Such issues can only be resolved by an expert electrician and not an amateur. At Chris’ Electric, we aim at providing repair solutions as well as garage improvements. Our electrical services are available for residential electrical systems throughout Edmonton. With our 12 years in the line of service, we have managed to produce 100 per cent satisfactory results for our customers.

With our team of trained and qualified electricians, we can provide you with services for all the electrical problems (whether big or small) that may include installing lights, GFCI receptacles, additional outlets, motion detector lights, dedicated circuits, etc. in your garage. Besides, you can call our licensed electricians to upgrade your garage with an electric space heater to warm your garage during colder months, install motion-sensing lights that will add safety to the area surrounding garage and driveways, GFCI outlets to meet electrical codes and keep your garage’s electrical system to function correctly.

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