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Farm Electrical Safety Edmonton

Today the usage of electricity is not restricted to houses and offices. Even the farmers make use of energy to operate irrigation systems, water pumps and other agricultural tools at their farms. Farming operations cannot be thought of without electricity. But, because of the simultaneous use of electricity and water at the farm, farming can turn out to be a perilous occupation. Hazards such as electric shock can result in fatalities. Many farmers may get injured while working at the farm because of contacting power lines. If you want to avoid such dangerous situations, determine that you have correctly installed and well maintained electrical system at your farm.

Additionally, make sure that your farm’s electricity system complies with the crucial electricity codes. If your land is not wired according to the principles, then the life of the workers and livestock may be imperilled. Your agricultural equipment that runs on electricity will not work safely if grounding is not done correctly. It is the proper grounding of electronic equipment that protects you and your animals from fatal accidents and fires and safe your electrical system from costly repairs.

Wait, worried about how to keep a check on the electrical system at your farm? Don’t worry at all! Because Chris Electric is there to help you! Our team of electricians are the professionals who can help you in ensuring that your farm system is properly grounded and the electric panel is working efficiently.

Safety rules to follow at the farm

Because we understand how risky it is to be at the farm, we would like to suggest some safety rules that you must obey while carrying out agricultural operations –

  • Stay away from power lines.
  • If power lines are above you, then be extra careful while moving scaffolds, bins, bale elevators, and other farm machinery.  
  • Lower your elevators and portable augers before moving them.
  • Don’t commit the mistake of cutting the trees that may fall into power lines.
  • Don’t clean debris and fallen trees after the storm by yourself. They may be touching the power lines. Prefer taking professional help.
  • Don’t repair the electrical system at your farm by yourself. This could be the most dangerous thing you can think of doing. Instead, call our electricians who would love to solve your electrical issues at the farm.

Ring up the professional electricians of Chris’ Electric!

Performing electrical work at the farm is a skill-intensive job and requires a highly experienced and knowledgeable electrical contractor. Chris’ Electric is a team of proficient electricians who comprehend the agriculture industry well and hence, extend trustworthy electrical services at your farm.

Our electricians are licensed, insured, and well-trained professionals who take their job seriously and put their best efforts to perform farm electrical services efficiently and safely. Whether it is electrical installation or repair, our experts make sure that work being carried out at your site meets the highest standards and ensure that all your needs are fulfilled. After all, the client’s satisfaction is our priority!

Have queries? Call us at – 780-818-0519. We would love to assist you and solve your electrical issues at pocket-friendly prices.

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