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Complete House Wiring

Complete House Wiring Edmonton

Your home’s electrical wiring is what that works behind the scenes every time you turn on a light, appliance or air conditioner. So, one has to be careful when picking the wire size to match the load and the breaker or fuse; otherwise, it can strike an electrical fire. Besides, with time electrical wires get worn out and demand a replacement for which you always need the assistance of expert electricians.

We generally recommend updating the home electrical wiring to ensure –

  • Better safety. Old wiring and electrical systems can get really dangerous if not changed. In fact, they are the major reasons for most of the short-circuiting and electrical fires being reported every year in the city. Hence, it is essential to introduce measures and devices like smoke detectors, grounding and plastic-insulated wires to ensure you and your family sleep soundly at home.
  • Increased electrical capacity. Buildings and houses that were constructed before the 1960s had a capacity of 60 amps. And while this was sufficient in those times, it is no more appropriate to carry the load of modern-day gadgets and equipment. Thus, it is the need of the hour to upgrade that capacity and prevent any overload or burnout of your devices.
  • More reliability. When you rewire your home up to 100 amp capacity, you can use your high load appliances without having to worry about malfunctions. You also get a chance to convince your insurance company that your home is safe and qualifies for a cheaper insurance plan. Overall, you can be at peace and save huge heaps of money on your annual utility bills.

So, unless you are a pro in the field, you can get in touch with specialists at Chris’ Electric that can be there at your service any day any time and take care of your whole-house rewiring with zero hassle. Whether it is a partial remodel, full home renovation or new construction, our team of professional electricians can help you with complete house rewire and make your electrical wiring safer, efficient, and up to the building codes.

None of our team members is paid on commission – this means that we don’t sell you something you don’t need. We care for your electrical system just as you and do our best to safeguard your home from all sorts of problems now and later down the road. When you choose us to complete your home electrical wiring, you can expect an exceptional quality of servicing along with upfront pricing and most importantly written guarantees.

You can always find us on our toes to offer every resident in Edmonton prompt and friendly services. We are available 24/7 to address your concerns related to electrical repair, maintenance, and installation. Thanks to our experience in the industry and the value we place on customer service, you can never go wrong in leaving your residential wiring project to us. You can request for a free quote by calling at 780-818-0519.

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