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Service Calls

Solving All Your Electrical Issues!

You may face electrical failure or malfunction at any time of the day. Electrical issues can cause some blazes or other deadly hazards that could lead to serious injuries. But we can solve all your problems, as well as prevent such tragedies. Whether you have a newly built home or an old one, a number of electrical things may wrong. From faulty light fixtures to a rusty electrical panel, all possible electrical problems can be solved by a certified electrician.

If your home was built a decade ago, possibly it doesn’t support the modern electrical demands. You may experience frequent shut down due to overload when either the fuse blows up or the circuit breaker trips. When this happens, our team can upgrade your electrical system to ensure that the circuit is not drawing more current than its potential. Whether your building has damaged wiring or you notice warm outlets, we are here to help you. Chris’ Electric is the name you can trust for solving all your electrical woes. We provide Electrical Service Calls for all possible emergency situations such as:

  • Electrical shocks from turning on a switch or plugging something into an outlet. We can protect you and your home from potential fire or electrical shocks.
  • Flickering Lights when your turn on AC or other large appliances that draw a lot of current. Our qualified team will add a larger line to solve this issue.
  • Frequent breaker tripping when the circuit draws more current than the system can safely provide.
  • Sudden Power Outages that need urgent assistance.

At Chris’ Electric, no job is too big or small for us! The electrical service calls typically include minor electrical faults. For us, it doesn’t matter how simple or complex your work is. Our goal is to make your home safe and your life easier. Whether your breaker has tripped or lights are not working, we make sure to get things working as soon as possible. Our team of qualified electricians can install new light fixtures, plugs, and switches, as well as GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets. Our electrical services are available for the residents of Edmonton, Leduc, & surrounding areas.

Emergency Electrical Service

You may need an emergency electrical service due to harsh weather or faulty home wiring. At Chris’ Electric, we understand the frustration and urgency of electrical mishaps. We make sure to attend all electrical service calls in an efficient and timely manner. For us, your safety is of utmost importance. We give prompt responses to electrical emergencies that need urgent assistance. As a reliable and licensed electrician, we can efficiently diagnose and perform electrical repairs to fix your issues right away. As a qualified electrician, our team first troubleshoots the situation. We have the tools and expertise to repair or replace the faulty electrical part. As a full-service electrical contractor, we can perform complete rewiring jobs, as well as add new circuits and outlets. From hot tub wiring to electrical maintenance, we provide a complete solution to all your electrical needs.

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