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Farm Electrician

Experienced Farm Electrician

Chris’ Electric provides full-service electrical solutions for agricultural applications. Over the years, we have gained a complete understanding of the unique challenges faced by the electrical systems of local farms. As an experienced farm electrician, we can carry out electrical work on farms within a very tight timeframe. We provide a complete range of on-farm electrical solutions that help our clients grow their businesses. Our team has comprehensive knowledge of the agricultural industry that helps us work on large scale projects.

When it comes to farms and other agricultural operations, you need a reliable electrical system for things to run smoothly. We have become the most reliable agricultural electrical contractor in Edmonton, Stony Plain, and other nearby areas. As a farm electric specialist, we understand the complexities involved in working on agricultural sites. Our team is fully equipped to deal with challenges and dangers involved in working on the sites that are exposed to a harsh environment of water, temperature changes, contaminants, and chemicals. Our in-depth knowledge of industry regulations allows us to deliver exceptional results. When we install your electrical system, you can rest assured knowing that your system will endure as long as possible under all conditions. Our team of qualified electricians can install a new electrical system on your farm. Whether you need specific agricultural electrical work done or your existing system isn’t working properly, we are here to help you.

On farms and agricultural sites, electricity is needed to run a variety of things such as irrigation systems, water pumps, lighting, and storage facilities. When you hire us, we can take care of all your farm electrical needs- from putting up lights in a barn to wiring irrigation systems.

Maximizing Your Farm’s Potential

You cannot perform agricultural operations on farms without electricity. A functional electrical system is required to operate water pumps, irrigation systems, and other equipment. At Chris’ Electric, we strive to make sure that you have well-maintained and operating electrical systems at all times to maximize your farm’s potential. Whether you need electrical design and installation services or motor repair services, we can handle all types of electrical jobs.

The electrical system is a vital resource on the farm. The on-the-farm issues like stray voltage or unsafe conditions can hinder your routine tasks. But when you hire us, we work diligently to ensure that your electrical system keeps running smoothly and efficiently. We can handle both large and small farms that have complicated installation and wiring needs. Whether you need to install wiring for your new grain storage facilities or simply want secure lighting throughout your farmland, we can provide affordable electrical services for all your farm needs. We have access to the advanced tools to install both high line and underground electrical systems depending on your specific needs.

Our agricultural electrical services include installing complete electrical systems, electrical repairs, grain facility wiring, timers and calibration, irrigation pumps, well pumps, automatic feeder installation, rewiring services, and more. We offer a wide range of electrical services for farms and poultry barns of all sizes and types.

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