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For any home, industry or office to run successfully electricity is very important. Without a proper electric supply nothing seems to work. Some of the things that you won’t be able to do without electricity include, you can’t see at night, can’t use air conditioning units and in some scenarios you can’t even cook. Your house can be called a fancy cave without the supply of electricity. When selecting an electrician in Edmonton who will fulfil all your electric requirements there are many things that you need to take into consideration. For instance, the rates you will have to bear, customer support and experience of the individual you are hiring.


We Have Qualified Electrician

Chris Electric is a company that has been providing the people of Edmonton with qualified electrician for many years. That are fully capable when it comes to providing you efficient electric services. All the electricians that we possess are eligible of performing a variety of tasks. From the installation of wiring in a new building to repairs and replacements of outdated systems. When you are looking to hire an electrician you are best advised to look for an electrician that is a licensed electrician. An individual who has an extensive experience and proper training of working with electricity. We at Chris Electric certainly can provide you with an individual who fits this profile. Furthermore when you are hiring one of the many electrical companies Edmonton it’s important that you look for certain qualities.
Chris Electric

Our Qualities

The qualities that are to some extent beyond the technical skills and training required. Some of these qualities may include the following:
These qualities are common with Chris electric as we are one of the leading electric companies in Edmonton. Some of these qualities are explained below so that you can decide on giving us the electric job.


This is very important when you are hiring an electrician in Edmonton. Chris electric is a company that has huge dependability factor about their services. We understand that this is one of the most important characteristics that every electric company should have. When you will hire us you can be sure of one thing that we will always be on time that has been decided between you and us. To prove our dependability you are more than welcome to check our reviews that are left on our website by our previous satisfied customers. We have been always dependable in all our past roles respectively. We at Chris Electric are always motivated to be a part your team and provide you with only the best.

Healthy Communication Skills

Most of the times electricians at Chris Electric have to work with people from different backgrounds. For instance some of them are homeowners, project managers and estimators. We train our employees to be good at communication with these different types of people. This helps them to communicate effectively and ensure that every customer’s requirements are fulfilled. Many of our customers call us during the time of crisis when they are experiencing electric problems at their respective place. These customers are generally overwhelmed and are under immense stress. Our electricians expertly make the customers feel comfortable and listen to their requirements carefully. After that they will do their best to make the customer feel all relaxed by the help of a pristine electric service.

Very Good Time Management

Finishing an electric job on time can be a daunting task. Which is very difficult to master. But doing this is very important for any electrician. The electricians at Chris Electric have somewhat mastered the skill of completing the task on time. We have a very good track record when it comes to completing the job assigned to us on time. The predictions of our electrician are hardly wrong for the completion of any job. After they have predicted the time they strictly follow their time line which helps them in always being on time. We have many customers that only call us because we find solution to their electric problems and implement these in the best time possible.

Types Of Electricians We Possess

Chris Electric has the complete range of electricians that are available to conduct any kind of electric job. We have commercial electrician Edmonton that are capable of performing any electric job at commercial level. They have all the necessary skill that are required for a competent commercial electric job. From changing or replacing the electric panels to regular commercial electric inspection they can do everything without any hassle.

We Are Available 24/7

Then we have Residential Electrician Edmonton which are available 24/7 to assist you with all the electric problems occurring in your house. This is typically a service on a small scale as compared to the commercial level electric problems. Still it requires a set of unique skills and proper authentication to carry out. All the residential electricians that we have are authorized personals that will fulfil all your electric requirements at residential level.