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For all your residential and commercial electric needs Chris Electric is a top quality source. We have been providing our services in Edmonton and its surroundings for many years. We take great pride in the standards we have set in the market. This is largely due to the range of services we offer our customers when they hire our services of commercial electrician Edmonton. From new building installations to maintenance, repair and eventual replacement, you can count on our electricians to bring results.

Our commercial electric contractors Edmonton

At Chris Electric we offer our customers with a complete range of commercial electrical contractor’s services. They do commercial electric jobs of all natures. These individuals are fully capable of designing as well as building a new commercial electric system. A system that will meet all your project requirements and will fit in your budget. One of the first things we do at Chris Electric is stand by our quotes that we have given you. We will give you all the details about what has to be done and how much would it cost you. So that you don’t encounter any kind of surprises when it comes to the cost. Our contractors will take their time to briefly explain you all the things that are relevant to the electric job you ordered.
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The commercial electric services that we offer

As we have talked before that we have a wide range of services that we provide to our customers when it comes to commercial electric services. All of these services are second to none and consist of a very good value for money. Some of these services are mentioned below:
Business minded is what Chris Electric is! We do our very best to look out for your business and customers by helping you with your business. We generally have a long term and a strong relationship with our customers respectively. This relationship is mainly built on trust integrity and efficient customer service.

We train our engineers to take all the necessary precautions before the job commences. This is very important as working with the likes of electricity can be very dangerous. They will make sure that the environment in which they are going to work is fully safe. So no harm comes to the inhabitants or to themselves as well. We also try to keep the place we are working in clean and organized so that the customer does not have to worry about it either. We will act upon on all your requirements after ensuring the necessary safety standards. Lastly, the contractors that we have are available all day every day. As electricity problems are something that don’t have a specified time to pop up. They can occur anytime. No matter what the time you can call us without hesitation and one of our trusted contractor will be at your place to help you out.